Trans Day of Remembrance 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Last Friday marked the 2015 celebration of Trans Day of Remembrance, also called TDOR, for short.

The event was held at City University, in the Centenary, with kind help from their LGBT society, as well as staff, who together helped run the event and book rooms. This year's organising committee was led by Sahra and ably assisted by Martha, who has run previous events.

This year combined both an inter-faith spiritual event, organised chiefly by Surat of Twilight People, with the main secular remembrance event, in which the names were read out, as is traditional at each year's event.

The inter-faith event featured Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Pagan leaders, each taking the participants through readings or meditation practises to help remember those lost. At the centre of the ceremony was a remembrance table, draped in the trans flag and bordered by flowers, on which participants could leave items of remembrance for those they were trying to remember, in general for all trans people lost this year or to give thanks for surviving another year.

The main event took place half an hour later, with the intervening time reserved for trans films or for people to use the safe space room.

The main event was kicked off to a packed auditorium by Mzz Kim singing to the assembled throng, followed by a keynote address by Sophie Labelle, author of the web comic Assigned Male and addresses by Jael and Sahra.

This was then followed by the reading of the names and the lighting of the candles (see picture), plus the lighting of the large candle to commemorate those we don't know about this year.

This was followed by a reading by a mother, in which she talked about loosing her child to suicide, before being brought to a close by some upbeat rapping.

TransLondon would like to help all those who helped make this event possible this year.