Gender Care



GenderCare is a partnership of qualified, Consultant-level healthcare professionals experienced in the gender field. They are committed to providing a friendly, accessible private service, tailored to individual needs and timescales, in a comfortable West London setting. It's aims are to provide NHS-compatible treatment in a professional, relaxed and accessible manner.

The practice incorporates several well-known faces from the NHS Charring Cross GIC including:

  • Dr Stuart lorimer (Consultant Psychiatrist)
  • Dr Leighton Seal (Consultant Endocinologist)
  • Christella Antoni
  • Iffy middleton (Gender Specialist Nurse)

and care parallels the NHS standards as far as possible for a private practice.

Patients can choose either a private or a public route while on the waiting list for the GIC (although it's not possible to skip the waiting list this way) and hormones can be proscribed in two appointments. GPs will in general proscribe hormones on the NHS under recommendation from Gender Care, although some will object on ideological grounds on private healthcare, so it's not possible to guarantee it. The practice accepts self referrals and will also see genderqueer people.

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