About Us

TransLondon is a discussion/support group for all members of the ‘trans’ community, whatever their gender identity (or identities) and whatever stage in their ‘transition’ they have reached (if at all). However, all members must themselves be trans-identified or ‘questioning’.

The Aims of TransLondon are to:

  • provide a safe place to explore and express your personal gender identity
  • combat isolation
  • provide support with information and resources
  • provide a space where all trans people can socialize, share experiences and exchange ideas
  • combat transphobia
  • promote greater acceptance and rights for all transpeople
  • provide help & advice for transpeople who want to support their friends, family & colleagues
  • provide advice and support with transitioning

Above all, the group is intended to foster a sense of inclusion and celebration of each of us as unique and valued (trans) people.


The TransLondon group meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm at Gay's The Word Bookshop. Please see the Meetings page for more information.


We also have a group on Facebook. The privacy of the group is set to closed, but any person who has attended or is thinking of attending is welcomed. Most of the internet and social activity of the group happens there, so it's worth joining.